Pup Pack is a program of Shawnee Public Schools housed at Shawnee St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Pup Pack serves as a daycare for the children of Shawnee Public School teachers and employees.

“Pup Pack is available to teachers at a slightly reduced cost and works around public school schedules.”

Dr. April Grace, Shawnee Public Schools Superintendent

Pup Pack serves children in the age range of 0 – 11 Months, 12 – 23 Months, 2 Years, and 3 Years. Pup Pack has a maximum capacity of 30 children.

To learn more about Pup Pack and it’s integration with the Early Foundations program, we encourage you to read this article from the Shawnee News Star: https://www.news-star.com/news/20190813/program-for-children-with-autism-to-teach-communication-social-skills

To speak with someone regarding enrolling in the Pup Pack, contact Shawnee Public Schools directly by using the following information:

Shawnee Public Schools Administrative Central Office

(405) 273-0653

326 N. Union Ave.
Shawnee, OK  74801