Once a quarter, St. Paul’s will host a learning lab for those interested in developing knowledge in church leadership and discipleship. These workshops will include three important elements: teaching, application, and implementation. We learn together, dialogue together, and create action plans to best live out our strengthened discipleship. We are stronger together.

The mission of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church is to: Make Disciples of Jesus Christ by Connecting, Serving, and Sharing in the Love of Jesus Christ from the Heart of Downtown Shawnee.

These quarterly workshops aim to develop effective discipleship that empowers the laity or members of the congregation to lead in connecting, serving, and sharing ministries. All are welcome to attend this free event. Sign up at the Discipleship Table in the foyer or at this link:

This quarter’s focus is: Adaptive and Innovative Leadership

Schedule: Saturday, November 16th

8:30am – Gather and Visit in the Mission Center: coffee, donuts, fruit & juice will be served.

9:00am – Worship

9:15am – “What If Lab” – Adaptive Leadership

10:15am – Break

10:30am – Learning Lab One

11:00am – Learning Lab Two

11:30am – Learning Lab Three

12:00PM – Action Plan and Closing