In my life I’ve gotten a rush from many different things.

I love heights. There are not many things that take my breath away like being so elevated you can look out and see for miles or like leaning over the edge of something and looking at the world below.

I can remember my friend and I trying to construct our own bungee jumping rope. Bundling many bungee chords from the hardware store we tied them to a life jacket and then to the top of a tree. Guess who got first (and only) jump? Well, at least we tried. Even after falling out of several trees and breaking a few bones I still find great thrill in the idea of defying gravity.

Yes, I suppose you could say I’ve always been a thrill seeker. Roller Coasters and thrill rides are an amazing combination of height and speed. Even into my thirties I risked being made fun of by teenagers as I strapped on my in-line skates and soared in and out of the empty swimming pools at the skate park in downtown OKC. I also loved seeing how many steps I could jump over and skating down from the top of parking garages was very exhilarating. To this day, though I’ve graduated to a long board skateboard, I love bending my knees and leaning into a downhill to pick up as much speed as I can before the thrill makes my heart feel like it’s going to burst!

I’ve driven cars much too fast. I’ve taken vehicles through fields and through mud and over hills that left me with all four wheels off the ground; vehicles that were never meant to be taken off road. I’ve built zip lines that were amazingly fast and I’ve fallen from great heights when those zip lines broke. I guess when it came to my thrill seeking there was always a bit of a risk.

Serving God can be risky too. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. You have to expose more of your heart than you may be comfortable with. You may come across ridicule and rejection. You’ll even have to face your demons and be prepared for the enemy to try to squelch your efforts.

But there is good news! The thrill of serving God is boundless! It is worth every risk.

When you are doing what God has created you for it can take your breath away. If you’re not sure what your calling is, don’t give up. Pray for God to reveal that to you. Try out different areas of ministry until you find what brings you joy. Serving the Lord shouldn’t feel like an obligation. It should be something that gives you a rush!

I encourage you all to tie that heavenly bungee cord around your ankles and take the leap! When it’s a blessing to be a blessing the reward far outweighs the risk.

Tate Monroe
Director of Discipleship and Development