A special Love Feast worship service invites you to join others as we seek to find Jesus at the table.

Gather with the Shawnee St. Paul’s faith community as we break bread together, encounter God through scripture, share testimonies of God’s love, sing songs of faith with our neighbors, connect with our community through the gift of agape love, and fall in love with Jesus. 

When: Today, February 14th, at 10:45am online only

Who: You and anyone in your household

What: Worship while you brunch! From sweet rolls and coffee, to oatmeal and fruit, to eggs and bacon. Prepare a meal to be enjoyed while you worship. 

Where: At your table. Set your table as if you were having brunch with Jesus today. Make it special. Gather your household together and turn on the worship service LIVE on Facebook. (You may also join us later by watching the service on YouTube. 

Prepare to engage with the faith community by:

  1. taking a photo of your table and guests to be shared online, then send to Pastor Tiffany by emailing or texting it. tiffany@shawneestpauls.com
  2. reading Luke 24:13-35 (Walk to Emmaus) and if something in the text moves you, consider sharing by typing in our comment section during worship. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+24%3A13-35&version=NRSV
  3. thinking about a time when you experienced God’s love through community or in your personal relationship with God, consider sharing a brief testimony or word/sentence in our comment section during worship.
  4. A special part of the Love Feast is the involvement of the laity, or the non-clergy members of the church. The more you engage and interact, the better the experience for all worshiping. You get to be leaders of worship today by showing up, sharing love, and serving spiritual food. You can even pre-write your items to share like a testimony on love or thoughts on the scripture, and then copy/paste into the comment section during the feast.

Whether you participate by interacting in worship this morning or you choose to only receive today, you will be blessed. Think of it as a 2021 Methodist potluck.