In case you are not aware, St. Paul’s has a Care Team ministry, whose purpose is to reach out to our members in times of special needs.  In the past, this has been Covenant Care team and its focus was on members going through illnesses, death of loved ones, or family crises of some kind.

Since Kris has been at St. Paul’s, the Care Team has been meeting once or twice a month in an effort to stay abreast of the needs of the congregation.  As the congregation ages, our members have even more needs that they no longer can take care of themselves.  Some members aren’t able to drive anymore and need rides to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, etc.  Some have no family in Shawnee and need a little help with simple household jobs, such as changing light bulbs, or tasks that require a little more strength and agility than they now have.

The Care Team has about 8 members who are able to fulfill some of the needs that are presented, but aren’t always available every time a need arises.  We have a BIG need for more volunteers who could fill in and help, especially with rides.  We would like to create a list of names of volunteers who would be willing to help; this list would be given to our members in need.  A volunteer could name the times when he/she might be available.  Of course, everyone has schedule changes and time constraints, but many of us could help occasionally.  Please consider helping with this much needed ministry for our beloved members.  Please call Nancy Glasgow at 273-8345 or Nancy Bryce at 570-6636.  We’re hoping to hear from you!