“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

    At some point I learned to pray to see with holy sight and to hear with holy listening. I’ve heard Pastor Tiffany say to pray, “Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.” These prayers sound elegant and they’re good ones to pray, but when God answers these prayers it can be challenging to see the world as it is; broken. That’s why one of my favorite things about being in the church is the opportunities we have to make a difference in people’s lives. When there are so many in need, we get to be the helpers.

  I’ve been thinking about the meaningful work we’ve been doing, and it makes me so happy to reflect on the wonderful people who have been volunteering to help. It was a great group that came along with us to the Kaleo foundation to fill bags full of snacks and gifts for the children of our community. A totally different group was with us as we delivered those bags to the Elementary school. With the task of handing out bags to 18 classrooms in 40 minutes, we couldn’t have done it without the ladies who helped unload the cars while I ran the carts full of gifts back and forth to the class rooms, and those who helped Tim hand out bags in the classrooms.

It was rewarding to watch them high-fiving kids and hugging teachers after we got everything distributed in just the nick of time! A week or so prior to that we had a couple of helpers sharing their kindness to teachers of Jefferson and handing out Sonic Drinks. The smiles and warm greetings of our volunteers said everything.

With the threat of extreme storms and possible tornados this week it wasn’t clear whether or not we’d be able to have our community dinner. The decision to carry on was made and I’m so happy we did. The food was great and even better were the conversations we got to have with our guests. The helpers that came to assist in service to our community were a big blessing. I saw hugs and handshakes given out and people being addressed by name. This means more to them than we’ll ever understand. I’m so thankful.

These things are only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many great ministries that are having an impact on our neighbors. I could go on and on. I hope you’ll be brave enough to ask God to allow you to see where your gifts can be given back to kingdom work. I hope you’ll find the time to be a part of some of our mission and outreach projects. It makes me proud to know, as I have conversations with people in our community, that as our neighbors are looking around for the helpers, they’re consistently finding the good people of Shawnee St. Paul’s. Keep up the great work!

Tate Monroe
Director of Discipleship and Development