The first month of Shawnee St. Paul’s newest fellowship and discipleship happening, Theology at Theopolis, is in the books. Not only have we had a variety of discussion topics to chew on, but we have a different assembly of faces and opinions each week! There have been those who return each week, those who have come regularly, and this past week we even had participants who joined us having seen about it on Facebook.  

So, if you haven’t had the chance to join us yet, you may be wondering what it’s all about, why we’re doing it, and who it’s for.

What? We believe it is so important for people to discover what it is they believe and to take ownership of their faith. We don’t want to sit around telling you what to think. We want to be a part of asking questions that help you go deeper into those discoveries. Theology at Theopolis is a safe space for everyone to share their perspectives, backgrounds and experiences while listening and considering those very things in others as well. In the end we don’t walk away with anyone having the right or wrong answer. We just walk away with a good time having been spent getting to know each other better and having tapped into some parts of our hearts and minds that we haven’t exercised in a while.

Why? Because we love God and love people! Theology at Theopolis is a chance to grow in our relationships together and meet new people in a stimulating environment while patronizing the business of a nearby neighbor. Being on Main Street adds to the atmosphere and reminds us why we love being the Methodist Church of Downtown Shawnee.

Who? You! There are no one target of participants. It is open to everyone. Theology at Theopolis is not geared toward any denomination or church affiliation. There are no pretenses. Remember when I mentioned that we just want to love people? We mean it. One of the people who came last night said they hadn’t felt comfortable showing up to any church for a long time. As we gathered our things to wrap up they happily expressed that they felt they had just been to church with us. That, beloved, is the who, what and why wrapped up in one statement!

We have had exciting conversations about predestination, the afterlife, the great commandment, and the infallibility of the Bible. What will we talk about next? I encourage you to show up on Thursday nights at 7:00 and find out. You might gain a new perspective and we might all have a lot we could learn from you as well.

Theology at Theopolis is every Thursday night at 7PM. On April 18th we will gather at Theopolis following the Maundy Thursday worship service at Broadway UMC in Tecumseh.