During the month of September, our worship team will lead us through an exploration of song, scripture, and Methodist history.

  • Did you know that Charles Wesley was the the brother of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley? Charles Wesley wrote many of the hymns in the United Methodist Hymnal.
  • Did you know that Methodism began as a movement without an intention to leave the Anglican church? United Methodists have strong historical roots with the holiness movement, the Anglican church, the Church of England, the Moravians, and the early colonies of the United States.
  • Did you know that Susanna Wesley, the mother of John and Charles, instilled a deeply rooted faith in her boys that impacts the church to this day?
  • Did you know that John Wesley believed in the power of the Gospel to transform the world? So much so, that John believed that the “world is my parish.”
  • Did you know that being Methodist has a lot to do with a commitment to God’s grace in the world, in our lives, and for others?
  • Did you know that the Methodist movement has always been about social justice, biblical truth, health and wellness?
  • Did you know that in the early days of the Methodist church itinerant preachers were known as circuit riders and laity (members of the church) would lead sermons and worship on the Sundays the preacher wasn’t there?
  • Did you know that the United Methodist Church has two holy sacraments? Baptism and Communion.
  • Did you know that the Methodist Movement has a long history of women in ministry, in the pulpit, and in the mission field? The United Methodist Church began ordaining women in 1956. Jesus deployed women throughout his ministry pre and post resurrection.

Join us during September as we worship God, give thanks for our heritage, and grow in our faith together.