Early Foundations and Pup Pack are off to an amazing start for the school year and the programs.

Every week, there is a special Buddy Day where our integrated classrooms reads together and engages in creative learning with one another. Early Foundations and Pup Pack have phenomenal educators who are excelling at loving these beautiful children.

“We have had so much help and support getting this program up and running. Thank you to all our supporters!”

Jana Sikes Grubbs

St. Paul’s ministry team and members were recognized along with a number of other phenomenal contributors and collaborators who have helped to make Early Foundations a reality. Thank you for being a valuable piece of the puzzle needed to help care for and love children and families touched by Autism.

This Sunday, you will see an easel with a board full of apples. Each apple represents an Early Foundations classroom need. Would you consider picking an apple and supporting our children? Take as many apples as you’d like, pick a few for your Sunday small group to complete or your ministry group.

Here are a few of the things Early Foundations is in need of as provided by Samantha Smith, EF Teacher:

“We are working with 3 year old autistic children, 1 on 1, to help them develop skills so that they may be able to be in a typical classroom when starting school. 
We have had an exciting 2 weeks in school with our kiddos. We are currently working on a project to help our kiddos learn about and how to behave in the community. We will be rotating the ‘centers’ out weekly.

Can you help us? 
If you have anything in new or good, used condition that we may be able to use for the following centers, or know of someone who does and would like to donate, please contact us.”

-Birthday Party
(balloons, bags, tissue, streamers, silicone cupcake holders, sprinkles, candles, etc.)
-Pumpkin Patch
(pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, etc.)
-McDonalds / Braums / Pizza
(bags/boxes, play food, etc.)
(vet kit, stuffed animals, etc.)
-Doctors / Dentist office
(dr. kit, dentist kit, scale, binoculars, growth chart, bone models, skull, etc.)
-Floral Shop / Garden
(fake flowers, pool noodles, cups for vases, potting soil, green floral foam, etc.)
-Post Office
(boxes, envelopes, etc)
(popcorn bags, candy boxes, etc.)
-Car Wash
(blue streamers, little tikes car, hula hoop, etc.)
( felt, lots of felt, etc.)
(stuffed animals, boxes, string, etc)
-Grocery Store
(checkout stand, etc.)
-Auto / Tire Shop
(blue orbeez, sea animals, etc.)
-Dino Dig
(sand, shovels, dino bones, etc.)
(dirt, plastic farm animals, etc.)
-Thanksgiving Feast
-Wrapping Station
(bows, wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue, name tags, etc.)
-Cinco De Mayo
-St. Patricks Day / Mardi Gras

Also we can use:
-Anything for sensory activities
-Sensory toys
-felt, tons of felt