We are excited to launch our May sermon series, Disruption Mindset, that will explore the fertile ground of change and how God is calling us even in the midst of pandemic.

Based on the work of New York Times bestseller and Harvard business woman, Charlene Li, Pastor Tiffany applies the power of God to the innovative work of disruption and how our Christian minds are primed for change-based mindsets.

  • What if we came out of pandemic truly transformed?
  • What if we chose not to go back to the way it was before, but to see this opportunity to realign with the Holy, arise to the challenges before us as humanity, and truly seek dedication in our follower-ship?
  • What if we ran right into fear and embraced the big gulp moments that take our breath away?
  • What if we didn’t quit our dreams, our jobs, our relationships, or on ourselves when it gets hard? What if we welcomed difficult things? What if we became friends with the disruptions that throw our lives off balance?

This sermon series will introduce another way of thinking and challenge the hearer to rediscover the voice of God in disruptive times. Jesus was a prolific disruptor and culture shaper, and he expected the disciples to continue that work. This wasn’t a work of comfort but a work of perseverance.

Join us for worship as we praise God through the power of music and word, seek to grow in our love of Jesus, and be transformed by the power of the Spirit.

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