This Lent, encounter the mercy of God that is alive and in motion every day. Sundays at Shawnee St. Paul. Begins February 21st.

Mercy, an attribute of both God and the good human being. Hebrew uses several words for “mercy,” of which the most frequent is hesed, which means loving kindness, mercy, love, loyalty, and faithfulness. Another Hebrew word and the Greek word for mercy in the NT refer to the emotion aroused by contact with undeserved suffering, that is, compassion and a deeply felt love for a fellow human being. In the OT mercy/loving kindness is associated with the covenant obligation between God and humans. Humans must be faithful to the covenant and God binds Godself to fidelity to the covenant by mercy and by grace (another Hebrew word used to mean mercy). Divine and human mercy are closely associated with justice and righteousness because all refer to behavior appropriate to a relationship.” The New Strong’s Expanded Dictionary of Bible Words, pp. 674

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