There are so many new, exciting things happening at St. Paul’s UMC that I can barely keep up! I must say my heart is full of gratitude. Life is happening right inside the walls of our building!

I was reminded of how quickly things are moving along as I was puttering in my flower beds this week. Remember those little seeds we received this spring when we had the church dinner announcing our Vision 2020 campaign? Well, I stuck those little seeds (a symbol of the seeds our church is planting) into a large flower pot I had. It has kind of cracked over the years, but is still usable (kind of like people, ya know?). Just a few months later those mystery seeds have grown and bloomed into some amazing flowers! I now have zinnias, cock’s comb, and even amaranth—yes, I had to look that up! They are a beautiful combination of shades of magenta, all right in that old broken flower pot. These big, gorgeous blooms became a present reminder that there is a next step—the harvest is beginning. Like many of you, I filled out my pledge card to commit to the financial obligation of the Vision 2020 plan. In a moment of senility, I suppose, I wondered when I was supposed to start fulfilling that financial obligation. Well—NOW is the time!

I am and always will be forever grateful to my St. Paul’s family for the many blessings I have received from so many here. I am so grateful for the mission-minded attitude of our church and the many blessings being shared in our neighborhood and community. You all are awesome.

Sabra Tucker is a member of Shawnee St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.