Since St. Paul’s adopted Jefferson Elementary as our mission school, great work has been done for the students, faculty, and teachers. Gloria Vandaveer and Patti Hillhouse are working in close mentoring relationships with students and classrooms. Kirk Hoster, Nancy Bryce, Sharron Bruton Pounds, Patti Hillhouse, and Tim Boyer have served as testing monitors. Several members have prepared and served meals for the teachers during conferences. The congregation provided Sonic drinks for the teachers as a “Thank You”. Cards of support and encouragement were filled out and submitted to each teacher at Jefferson. And these are just the things we know of.

Thank you to the members and staff who took the time to test monitor this past week. This is one way of showing that St. Paul’s values education. Several were eager to help but it didn’t fit their schedules. We hope to catch you next time.
Thank you to the members and staff who wrote out cards to the teachers. Keep up the prayers! This is a very stressful time of year for our educators and students. The more prayers the better.

Please keep public education and retired educators in Oklahoma in your prayers.

We are blessed to be a blessing and blessed to serve such beautiful and valuable children of God. Let’s keep it going, St. Paul’s! Read the following article that was published in Mission Shawnee’s March Newsletter.

“Since the launch of our Adopt A School Initiative last year, we have witnessed so many amazing things take place!

We currently have 9 Adopt A School Partners that are making an impact across multiple schools in Shawnee. More schools are being resourced and more children are entering into meaningful relationships with caring mentors.

Patti Hillhouse who is serving as a volunteer teacher’s aid at Jefferson Elementary is one example of the impact this initiative is making. Hillhouse who is a retired teacher prides herself in being the “grandmother” of the classroom she serves within and “finds great pleasure in knowing that she is making a difference” through serving.

Patti spends time reading with the children, filing folders for her classroom teacher, and helping out wherever she is needed. The support Patti is giving is truly making a difference and is a wonderful reminder of how one person can make an impact.

We are so encouraged by the way God is moving through this initiative and eagerly await to see what he has in store for this initiative in the future.”