The Fiber Arts Community is looking for new members. No previous experience required, just a desire to craft items that will bring joy and/or comfort to people in our area.

Just think – you would be joining a church group with a heart-filled mission and no regularly scheduled meetings! (At least not for the foreseeable future.)

By joining you would have access to a fairly large library of knitting/crochet patterns, an even larger supply of yarns in varying weights and colors, and support from the current members.

Several months ago, we expanded the list of things to make: lap blankets (excellent for folks who are in wheelchairs; slipper-socks (nursing home residents appreciate these, especially during the Winter); dish cloths (for people moving into a new home); stuffed animals (for children of all ages), doll clothes, wall hangings, baby clothes. Members also work on various projects for their families or their personal use.

If you are interested please call the church office (405-273-0982) or email Hyale Smith at