As our community, state, and nation heads to the polls, we are opening our sanctuary doors for a 10-hour vigil of prayer and reflection. On campus and online.

Throughout the day, you will find music, prayer guides, prayers offered by the clergy, Praying the Hours service every three hours, candles for lighting, and a peaceful space for contemplation.

Holy Communion will be made available every hour after clergy prayers.

Public health measures and social distancing are in place. Sanitation stations are available at all sanctuary doors. Due to health protocols and a city ordinance, masks are required. All masks should be worn appropriately, covering the mouth and the nose.

We ask that you would recognize the Sanctuary as a place for all people, and refrain from displaying anything within the building that is either for or against any of the candidates or issues.

All visitors will be asked to provide contact information in the event it is needed for potential contact tracing.

Enter through the west doors on Beard Ave.

We invite you to join us as your schedule will permit. Come for a brief moment or for a couple of hours. Come before you vote or after you vote. Come in search of peace and hope in the presence of God.

A LIVE stream of our prayer vigil will be available on Facebook at 9:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm, and 6:00pm. 

Event Information