The Drive-thru BabyMobile will be at the CPN WIC parking lot Tuesday, August 2nd from 10am-2pm.

Please share this with clients, friends, family, and others that have children under 4 years old as many need these services.

Here is basic information for the BabyMobile.  If you need more specific information, please go to  or call (405)528-3663.

Anyone who has a baby/child up to 3 years and feels they are in need may receive services from Babymobile, no proof of income, etc. is required.  Drive-Thru can serve approximately 150 families the day they are here.

For Drive-thru this is what is asked:

  • Name(s)
  • DOB of parent/guardian and children (Birth-3yrs[day before 4th birthday] are eligible)
  • Phone number
  • Questions about what supplies they need (i.e. diaper size, type of formula, etc.)

Make sure person going to Drive-thru knows DOBs, diaper size(s), and if using formula, what kind.