Beloved Church Members and Friends:

In consultation with our Leadership Board, taking into consideration the recommendations of the CDC and the expectations of our Bishop, St. Paul’s will extend its closure.

It is a with a heavy heart that your leadership and I have had to make hard decisions none of us could have predicted we’d ever have to make. One of these decisions is to further suspend all in-person contact for a period of 8-weeks, as is currently recommended by the CDC.

This suspension means that we will not gather for worship, study, communion, or celebration for the remainder of the Lenten season, to include Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

If the recommendations from the CDC change and government officials give us an all-clear to return to business as usual, we will return earlier than 8 weeks. But for now, with this week being week one, our projected return date is set for Sunday, May 10th, which is Mother’s Day.

While our hearts are heavy, we are grateful for the ability to make these choices now in an effort to keep our congregation healthy and safe. Our desire and prayer is for all of us to be together again and to know we are not compromising those we love and care for.

Your worship team, ministry team, and leadership team, are in frequent communication with each other. We are making decisions together and encouraging one another during these markably unexpected times.

We have great faith that God is with us all and will see us through this desert time to a day of great rejoicing.

I met with your worship team Monday afternoon as I do each week. Together, we have planned a very special worship service for Sunday. We are also planning services for every Sunday we are apart, special services during Holy Week, and an Easter Celebration online. I’m still figuring out how to use the confetti canon online. Stay tuned.

Online studies, devotions, prayers, community groups, a book club, worship services, and more will be available for you throughout the coming weeks. If you are not yet connected with us through Facebook, we encourage and urge you to do so. While we may bemoan technology, this turn of events is teaching us that even technology can be used for good, for the Gospel, and for God.

If you need help getting online, let us know and/or ask a member of your family. If you know how to get connected, offer to help your family or church friends get connected.

If you are able, you can tithe online through our website.

Things are changing in our world and a part of each of us will be different after this shared experience. I pray we place a greater value on community, on the blessing of being together, and on the gift that being the church truly is.

Suggestions for Loving Your Faith Community in Isolation

  • Make phone calls every day. Pick someone new each day or rotate who you are calling.
  • Send cards. If you need someones address that is not in the directory, which is the case for the many new faces at St. Paul’s, contact me and I will get you a mailing address.
  • Text or message people to check on them, share photos or funny stories, comment on peoples Facebook posts.
  • Let me know if anyone is in need or sick.
  • Post prayer requests in our portal. Be sure to have a persons permission before you post it publicly.
  • Support local businesses that deliver. You need them and they need us. I recommend the Lunch Box and Richard’s Drug. Support our local partners and members.

Let’s stay connected as we share the love of Christ to one another.
Lastly, I’m praying for each of you by name throughout our separation. I pray for your safety, your health, your peace of mind, your financial security, and your spiritual journey.

We are all truly in this together. This is one of those rare opportunities that happens in a lifetime where we can rise up and be the light of the world as a community together.

God’s got this! We are all In His Grip.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Tiffany A. Nagel Monroe, Pastor