Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing a series titled, Be the Village. It has given insight to 4 reasons that we, the church, the village, should be involved in Children’s Ministry.

I told of two very special women in my life that helped shape me; helped guide my thoughts and expectations when it came to God’s love, what it meant to grow up in the church, and how to be a true disciple of Christ. I was blessed for sure.

Here’s a refresher on the first 4 reasons we must do Children’s Ministry:

1.    Love Matters
In a society that lives on lines drawn between love and hate, and as people who live in a post Christian world, it depends on us, the village, the church, to impact the lives of the littlest by showing love,  Jesus Love.

2.    Parents/ Guardians Matter
As part of this village and as part of showing Jesus Love to kids, equipping and caring for their parents or guardians is a responsibility.

3.    Time Matters

Through being part of Children’s Ministry, you have the awesome opportunity to spend your time with children, the littlest. You have the chance to engage the hearts of children when they are at the youngest point in their lives, giving the child the opportunity to hear and see the love of Christ.

4.    Growth Matters

Often when we think of growth in the church we think of numbers, how many people are attending worship or small groups; we are numbers centered. Unfortunately, while these numbers are important, I believe that Christ wants us to grow deeper in relation to our faith.

As vital as these are, number 5 is where I believe we as the church tend to fail.

5.    The Future Matters

Have you ever heard the term that “children are the church of tomorrow?” I have heard this often in my ministry and I would like to think of this a little differently.

First, I believe we must understand that children are the church of today. They are living, playing, growing in the church now and what we teach them will coincide with what the church of tomorrow will look like. Are we ready to except the fact that what was taught and the way things were taught decades ago has changed? It is important to understand that our future is based on what, how, and who we are teaching today.

You may never know the impact that you have on a child’s life. Many times the fruit of your labor isn’t seen for years. But children will look back and remember that someone showed up for them. Someone taught what God’s love is all about to them, and someone took the time to care for them, gave up their time for them, and understood that they mattered.
Did someone show up for you in any of these ways? Who was the village that loved on you, guided you, and taught you? The big question is “Will you be the village for someone?”

Be the Village.

Tim Boyer
Director of Student Ministries