In my last blog I started a series titled, Be the Village.  The blog post was about how we have people who impact our lives from a very young age. I gave you some insight about two very special women, Margaret Montgomery and my Grandma Boyer, and how they were transformational to me in my early years of understanding God, the Bible, and love. I continued to tell of the importance of being part of transforming young lives through Children’s Ministry, specifically how love matters and understanding why and how Parents/ Guardians matter. I discussed the concept of Jesus Love and the many ways to offer blessings to those who are raising the littlest.   This week we will look at two more reasons why being part of Children’s Ministry is vital to being part of the village. Here are numbers three and four.

3. Time Matters

While we are people who are cramming our schedules full of things to do, we are failing to set time apart to do the important work of being disciples. What we tend to do with our time matters. Through being part of Children’s Ministry, you have the awesome opportunity to spend your time with children, the littlest. You have the chance to engage the hearts of children when they are at the youngest point in their lives; giving the child the opportunity to hear and see the love of Christ. By sharing with children your time you are a living testimony, expressing to the child that they matter by sharing in moments that create their first impressions of life and building foundations of faith. 

Studies have shown that by age 9 children have formed their basic moral beliefs and that more than half of people who ever have a foundation of Christ will form that foundation before the age of 12. WOW, you could be a child’s first impression of God or their first experience with faith.

4. Growth Matters

Often when we think of growth in the church we think of numbers, how many people are attending worship or small groups; we are numbers centered. Unfortunately, while these numbers are important, I believe that Christ wants us to grow deeper in relation to our faith. Many times while doing Ministry, I have discovered that kids ask questions that I am unable to answer at that moment. When this happens I tend to tell them that I’m not sure but I will find the answer and let them know.  Over the years this has taught me things that I didn’t expect; growth has happened for me and for the child asking the question.    

These situations give me the fantastic opportunity to witness children growing in their faith. I have seen firsthand, the look on faces shine with excitement because the child has gained a new understanding of faith. Can you imagine that?  That is something you should want to be part of!

Being part of the village that nurtures, loves, and teaches children about Christ should be at the top of any list that has to do with true discipleship. There are things that we do as disciples purely out of heart for Christ. Ministry to the littlest should be just that, heart. When raising children we know that it takes many people to create the village, teachers, assistants, mentors, mothers, fathers, grandmas, and grandpas. People to hold babies and people to color with crayons. People to dance and people to sing. People to run down the halls and people to sit on the floor. People to laugh and people to quiet the laughter. Are you getting the picture, will you be part of the village?

Tim Boyer
Director of Student Ministries