There are very few people from my childhood that I would embrace today, however, two people who stand out to me are my extravagant, love-focused Grandma Boyer and a gentle, authentic woman by the name of Margaret Montgomery. Both of these women showed me many things. One was the importance of having loving and caring adults in my life was as a child.

Margaret was the wife of the Senior Pastor of my childhood church. She would often be seen in the children’s ministry area teaching, loving, and being present for children. She had an honest heart for Christ and the call for children within the church.

Today, Margaret and my grandma both have passed onto glory and all I am left with is the memory of the sweet-spirited, strong, Christ-loving women in my mind.  So why do I bring them up?

Well if you have been on our church campus over the past few months you may have noticed that we now offer a fully staffed Sunday morning nursery and toddler room. Also, we offer an engaging children’s Sunday Small Group, as well as a fun Children’s Church during the sermon moment of worship. While all of these have people in place to love, care, and teach our children, it does take a village. And you, the church, are that village.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series titled Be the Village. This series will be about the importance, reality, and the expectation you have to be a part of the village by participating in its ministries, specifically our Children’s Ministry. There are many, many reasons to be involved and included in the lives of the youngest but I’ll start with two.

1. Love Matters
In a society that lives on lines drawn between love and hate, and as people who live in a post Christian world, it depends on us, the village, the church, to impact the lives of the littlest by showing Jesus Love.

As Margaret and my Grandma showed me, authentic love is hard to find, but when it is there, it shines. We need more individuals to be the example of Jesus Love to our children:

  • To impact their lives the way that my life was impacted at such a young age.
  • To inspire children who may not know the dynamics of Jesus and his love.
  • To exemplify Jesus Love to children.
  • To show up for them.
  • To invest in them.
  • To demonstrate that Jesus Love leaves the ninety-nine to tend to the one.

2. Parents/ Guardians Matter
As part of this village and as part of showing Jesus Love to kids, equipping and caring for their parents or guardians is a responsibility. To receive a baby from a sleep-lacking foster parent, to tend to the toddlers wet pants of the stressed-out dad, to take the hand of the 3rd grader from the worn down mom…could be the best blessing you could offer.

Offering an hour so a parent/ guardian has the opportunity to take a break and reenergize, to foster relationships with adults, and to let the everyday fade away and focus on their spirit and relationship with Christ, would be an incredible ministry we could provide.

This also allows for us to minister not only to the children who run through our halls, but also to partner with their parents/ guardians, displaying support, trust, and encouragement.

As you can tell, being part of the village is a big task; one that takes multiple individuals, with multiple callings, gifts, and talents.  I look forward to sharing with you more reasons why being part of the village is essential in helping minister to our children.

Tim Boyer
Director of Student Ministries