We are members of a priesthood of all believers. This is a Christian doctrine that came about during the time of Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation. The point: you don’t need a priest, a pastor, or a mediator to talk to God on your behalf. Prior to the reformation, the belief was there were two kinds of people, those who are chosen to speak to God and everyone else.

All of humanity has access to God. You can talk to God yourself and have a personal relationship with God. This also means, that God has placed a call on your life to be more than spectators. All of us are responsible for being disciples, reaching people for Jesus, and actively engaging in mission.

Christians have become complacent. All too often, we think “someone else will do it” or “ that’s someone else’s problem.” Jesus tells us that the someone else is you. We are all ministers of Jesus. When was the last time you told God “here I am, Lord. Send me.”? Our world today is desperate for the love, forgiveness, grace, and salvation of Jesus. How are we telling the story of Jesus, how are we witnessing the power He yields when we speak or act?

Church is not a spectator sport. It’s full contact. It’s hard work. It will break your heart and mend it again. It will renew your spirit. It will give you hope. It will remind you of God’s promises. It will send you to tell the story with your whole life, mind, body.

Today’s worship service was one that could move you out of your seat, your comfort zone, and awaken you to the power of God right here and now. As you worship, when you worship, listen with your whole being. Actively engage. Not passively, not a little. Actively. Pay attention to how the gifts given to many are combined in church community and used to glorify God through the telling of the story. In worship, with prayer and song, every element is telling the story of salvation. Are you listening?

Notice where the Holy Spirit moves in you. Hear Jesus telling you once again you’re forgiven and loved, now forgive and love others. God is calling you to this moment for the transformation of your mind and the world. May God move in you triumphantly, and give a witness to his life-changing nature through you and your testimony.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Tiffany