Family Promise of Shawnee serves homeless families who have at least one child in their custody (full legal custody.) Family Promise offers a variety of services through their 60-90 day program and is responsible for changing countless lives. St. Paul’s partners with Family Promise by being a Host Church. As a Host Church, we provide overnight accommodations, meals, fellowship, and assist with transportation, several times a year. Our members bring meals, serve as evening hosts, and serve as overnight hosts. God has given us an incredible opportunity through Family Promise to live out our faith by caring for our brothers and sisters.

A typical day of a guest in the Family Promise program:

‒ 6 a.m. — Be awake and ready to go for the van driver to pick the guests up at the church for the week

‒ 7 a.m. — Guests feed their children breakfast and either get the children ready for school/daycare

‒ 7:30 a.m. — Children are at school, daycare and parents are getting ready for work/going to work

‒ 8 a.m. — If guest does not have a job, they will begin their day job searching

‒ 8 a.m.-4 p.m. — Guest will have a case management meeting, will complete the chores assigned to them for that week, and will fix their lunch. (Guests are only responsible for their breakfast and lunch); otherwise guest should be working. Guests are not to sleep during the day.

‒ 5 p.m. — Guests are to return to the day center to be transported to the church for the week. There is not an exception unless the client works evenings.

‒ 5 p.m.-6 a.m. — Guests are to be at the churches and are not to leave unless with a volunteer.


St. Paul’s believes in the transformational impact being had by Family Promise and we are proud to support and partner with this outstanding community organization. 

To get involved with our Family Promise partnership, contact Tate Monroe at

For more information about Family Promise of Shawnee, visit their website at