The Disciples class meets in the education wing at 9:30AM each Sunday morning. The format of the class is to meet one another informally over coffee and donuts and share our life “happenings” with one another until 10:00. Then the class sits in a circle for the study time. We have a reading of the daily devotional from the Upper Room led by Dr. Oteka Ball. Then our teacher, Dr. Jerry Ball, introduces the lectionary reading for the day and we examine our personal thoughts and experiences of the ways that relates to our daily lives.

The class is made up of men and women; married couples, widows, widowers, singles – all delightful, loving, spiritual people. We look at age in terms of mobility level. There are the “go-go’s,” the “slow-go’s,” and the “no-goes.” At this point we are all “go-go’s.”