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Shawnee News Star Features Autism Collaborative; St. Paul’s

by Shawnee St. Paul's

We are thrilled to be one member in a phenomenal collaborative of community partners working together to bring Early Foundations to Shawnee, Oklahoma and the surrounding counties. We believe that God has called us to participate in this vital and life-changing initiative because we believe that no family and no child should ever feel disconnected […]

Life is Happening by Sabra Tucker

by Shawnee St. Paul's

There are so many new, exciting things happening at St. Paul’s UMC that I can barely keep up! I must say my heart is full of gratitude. Life is happening right inside the walls of our building! I was reminded of how quickly things are moving along as I was puttering in my flower beds […]

My Pet Monster by Tate Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Confession time… I’m a loser, a sinner, a failure and a fool. Fortunately for me, I’m also a child of God. Coming face to face with admitting we don’t have to be perfect for God to love us is a challenge. Especially if the love of people in our lives seems so conditional. Recently, I […]

Worth It. by Rev. Dr. Tiffany A. Nagel Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Just Tiffany. After a nice introduction by the Community Renewal team, I took the microphone in front of a room of brave and courageous young women. Gathered for a two-day event, junior high and senior high girls braved vulnerability and wore courage as they took a deep dive into self-worth and the strength we have […]

Get the “I” Out by Tate Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Over the years I’ve had many times when I was entirely dependent on my own abilities. I placed a lot of value in what I thought, what I did and how I felt about everything. When things were going well, I was happy. When things were hard and couldn’t seem to go my way, I […]

Church Night with the OKC Dodgers

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Shawnee St. Paul’s goes out to the ball game to watch the OKC Dodgers on Friday, August 30th. Tickets are first come, first serve. Call the church office to reserve your seats. 405-273-0982. Great event for the whole family. Please follow and like us:

Let’s Keep Turning by Tim Boyer

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Okay, let’s just say it, it’s hot outside! However, we do live in Oklahoma and it is August after all. Thankfully for those of us who despise the hot weather, the season will change and the fall will be upon us. I really enjoy the season of fall. The crisp air breezing its way through […]

Back to School Weekend

by Shawnee St. Paul's

St. Paul’s has been planning an exciting weekend for the Shawnee community to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. Everyone is invited to participate with us during these events. Unless otherwise noted, everything is for free. Giveaways are on a first come, first serve basis until all items […]

Children’s Ministry Update by Tim Boyer

by Shawnee St. Paul's

YAY! YAHOO! IT’S BACK!!! Children’s Church will return August 18! We are so excited to be back with your children for more exciting and faith-filled fun. Everything from singing, dancing, story time, and snacks. Oh what fun we have learning about God! Children’s church is an important ministry to help children learn and understand God, […]