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Be the Village, Part III by Tim Boyer

by admin

Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing a series titled, Be the Village. It has given insight to 4 reasons that we, the church, the village, should be involved in Children’s Ministry. I told of two very special women in my life that helped shape me; helped guide my thoughts and expectations when it came […]

Wish You Were Here by Tate Monroe

by admin

In one of the small group studies I led this week we had a conversation about all of the ways we benefit from maintaining regular church attendance. Benefits such as: being reminded of God’s love, experiencing creative expressions of worship, and belonging to a community of faith that includes others who are trying to live […]

Holy Week Services

by Shawnee St. Paul's

2019 Holy Week is being shared in Christian partnership with our sister churches, Broadway UMC in Tecumseh and Bethel UMC in Bethel.

Hallelujah Anyway by Rev. Dr. Tiffany A. Nagel Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

A couple of days ago I was reading an article by Peter W. Marty, publisher of the Christian Century. He was writing about humility and how he feels that society, by in large, gets the concept of humility wrong. For the author, humility is not something we can gain by winning an award or achieving […]

Taking Time to Talk Theology by Tate Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

The first month of Shawnee St. Paul’s newest fellowship and discipleship happening, Theology at Theopolis, is in the books. Not only have we had a variety of discussion topics to chew on, but we have a different assembly of faces and opinions each week! There have been those who return each week, those who have […]

Jefferson Elementary Mission Possible

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Since St. Paul’s adopted Jefferson Elementary as our mission school, great work has been done for the students, faculty, and teachers. Gloria Vandaveer and Patti Hillhouse are working in close mentoring relationships with students and classrooms. Kirk Hoster, Nancy Bryce, Sharron Bruton Pounds, Patti Hillhouse, and Tim Boyer have served as testing monitors. Several members […]

Add One by Tate Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

In today’s culture we have made ourselves very busy. I’ve often heard people say “if I had to add one more thing…” It’s no wonder people have such a hard time relaxing. I hear more and more about the increase in stress and anxiety and much of it is related to our over scheduled calendars. […]

Be the Village, Part II by Tim Boyer

by Shawnee St. Paul's

In my last blog I started a series titled, Be the Village.  The blog post was about how we have people who impact our lives from a very young age. I gave you some insight about two very special women, Margaret Montgomery and my Grandma Boyer, and how they were transformational to me in my […]