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Forecasts and Padlocks by Tate Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Take a while to think about the repercussions having to shut our doors would have. How would it affect you, your family, and the neighborhood? What if our doors were open, but there wasn’t much going on inside?  There was a bit of a strange feeling at Shawnee St. Paul’s one Sunday morning a few […]

Be the Village by Tim Boyer

by Shawnee St. Paul's

There are very few people from my childhood that I would embrace today, however, two people who stand out to me are my extravagant, love-focused Grandma Boyer and a gentle, authentic woman by the name of Margaret Montgomery. Both of these women showed me many things. One was the importance of having loving and caring […]

Theology at Theopolis

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Theology at Theopolis is a fresh take on sharing faith in a social way outside of the building. Every Thursday at 7PM you can find us on the patio at Theopolis Social Club at 419 E. Main in downtown Shawnee. There is no better way to dialogue about theology, social issues, scripture, and culture, than […]

St. Paul’s Launches New Young Adult App

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Young adults ages 18 – 25 are invited to participate in YAPPS which stands for Young Adults and Appetizers or Apps. Once a month, young St. Paul’s adults from across the state meet at a restaurant for conversation and appetizers. YAPPS also has an app for your phone to keep you connected as a small […]

A Pineapple Welcome by Tim Boyer

by Shawnee St. Paul's

I enjoy history, I also enjoy the service of hospitality. How are these two related? Well, the pineapple has served both as a fresh fruit food and a symbol of human history in the Americas. The fruit was a favorite among the fierce Carib Indians. In November of 1493, Christopher Columbus was on his second […]

Good Day Sunshine by Tate Monroe

by Shawnee St. Paul's

“Good day sunshine, ba da dum, good day sunshine…” I love the opening line of this Beatle’s song where it says, “I need to laugh, and when the sun is out, I’ve got something I can laugh about.” Why do you think so many artists have crafted such cheerful lyrics to put us in a […]

Join the St. Paul’s Team – Facilities Management

by Shawnee St. Paul's

Position: Facilities Manager St. Paul’s UMC is a growing and vibrant faith community in need of a dependable and hard-working Facilities Manager for 12-20 hours per week.  This position will be responsible for general building maintenance, housekeeping/janitorial, and parking lot maintenance. Apply by sending your resume to or complete an application at the church […]

Soul Warming by Tim Boyer

by Shawnee St. Paul's

There are certain times of the Christian year that we hold dear to our hearts. For some it is Advent or Christmastide, for others it may be Pentecost, while others may enjoy the season of Easter; for me that time is the Season of Lent, starting with Ash Wednesday and ending with Holy Week. This […]

Easter is Coming, Who Are You Inviting?

by Shawnee St. Paul's

We are a week into the season of Lent. We are struggling with our new practices, prayer lives, fasts, and commitments. We are confronting truths about ourselves, seeking God’s guidance as we desire to mature spiritually, and learning how to forgives ourselves and others. Lent is a season of many things including preparation. During Advent, […]