The Prayer Shawl Ministry and St. Paul’s has generated out of a member’s heart to share the love of Christ with our community. Our gatherings are every other Thursday and will consist of fellowship, knitting, crocheting, and more. Learn to make shawls, hats, booties, receiving blankets, and other items to bless those who need the comfort of added love.
Not a knitter? You can contribute to the Prayer Shawl Ministry through donations of yarn, knitting tools, needles, or monetary gifts.
Can’t make it to a gathering? You can still be a part of this vital ministry by knitting at home and bringing the item to church.
The St. Paul’s Prayer Shawl Ministry is open to anyone who has a desire to share God’s love with others. You do not need to be a member of St. Paul’s UMC to participate.
This ministry will not serve St. Paul’s alone, but seeks to serve those in our extended community.
To request a prayer shawl or to find out how to get involved, contact the church office at 405-273-0982 or through email at