Philippians 1:21-30

Thoughts for reflection:  How many people do you think would profess faith in Jesus Christ if we focused on being a follower of Christ means we will suffer?  It is such a popular belief in our culture that if we do the right thing, and believe in God, nothing bad will happen to us.  What is interesting is that the Bible shows the exact opposite of this.  Those who were the most faithful to God, and most fully did what God wanted them to do, often had a terribly difficult time.  What Paul is reminding them, and us, is in following Jesus our values change.  We no longer live our lives focusing primarily on comfort and ease; instead we are called to practice self-giving and self-sacrificing love for others just as Jesus did.

Where in your life do you prize comfort and ease over living like Jesus?  What can you do about this?  What will you do about this?