Ephesians 6:10-20

Thoughts for reflection:  Where is evil?  Is it personified in the form of a red creature with a pointy tail, hooves, and a pitchfork, or does evil exist elsewhere?  There are many beliefs on this, but as I understand it, evil is within each one of us.  Given the right circumstances, I believe each one of us are capable of doing things which would be considered evil.  The battle the author is preparing us for is not one we will primarily face with external forces but within ourselves as we choose how we will live, act, and be.  I believe the more intentional we are with our faith, and making it a part of our character and our actions, the better we will be in making Christ-like choices in what we do.  How are you doing in this struggle?  How are you intentionally equipping and strengthening yourself to face these challenges?













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