1st Timothy 1:12-17

Thoughts for reflection:  For those of you who are not up with what the cool kids are saying, I am not either, I just read a lot, what we know as false humility is now often called a “humble brag”.  In reading these verses, it would be easy to categorize what Paul is saying in this fashion.  In my reading of Paul, I do not believe this is the case.  One of the things Paul did well was to continually acknowledge his faults and failings.  In doing this, he was humbling himself, and he was also giving voice to his dependence on God’s grace.

Do you see this in our world today?  Do you see leaders who have and keep a firm grasp on their failings as a way of making them better leaders and/or more faithful to Christ?  Do you see that in your own life?  Why or why not?  What could you do to improve this?

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