As I said last week, and as I will say again and again, it is amazing how many things change yet how consistent human nature is.  In this letter, which was written not by Paul but by one of Paul’s followers, the author is addressing disharmony in a group of churches which are believed to be in the area of Ephesus.  We don’t know exactly what the situation was, but we do know that they weren’t getting along.  The author is emphasizing to them the importance of unity in the Body of Christ.  What we find in Ephesians, that we find in other books of the New Testament as well, is that unity does not mean “sameness.”  In the Body of Christ we are all still called to be united in one group under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  This is powerful words for us today when it is so easy for us to find reasons why others “do not belong.”

As you move through these daily devotionals, listen for the similarities between this and the other letters we have read so that you might be able to discern the common themes emerging.  I also encourage you to keep in mind the longing in God’s heart for all of God’s children to be together.

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