It is amazing how much changes with time, and yet, how consistent human nature is.  Paul wrote the letter, we call Galatians, to address a group of churches in, what is now, modern day Turkey, to correct a situation which was growing out of control, to the point of tearing these churches apart.  There were a group of individuals in these churches who were proclaiming a message which was different than the message Paul had received during his conversion experience.  These individuals were changing the message of Jesus Christ to say if you wanted to be the best kind of Christian, one must become a Jew first, and if they didn’t, these Gentile-Christians, were inferior to the Jewish-Christians.  It is interesting how Jesus came to wipe away these barriers which separated us from God and from each other, and yet how consistent we are in trying to bring them back.  Keep this in mind as you go through the Scriptures this week.