Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi differs from his other letters in some significant ways.  When Paul wrote this letter, he was imprisoned as he had been many times before.  Even in spite of his condition, he writes, for him at least, a glowing letter praising the work of the Philippian church.  He even goes as far as saying, “they are nevertheless his joy and his crown, in whom he hopes to boast on the day of judgement.”  (How nice would it be to have someone you cared for say that about you ?!?)

Philippi was different from the other communities where Paul had started churches.  In Philippi, there was not any sort of sizable Jewish-Christian community so the issue of division between Jewish-Christians and Gentile-Christins was not at play here.  With unity not being their struggle, Paul addressed other issues they faced; primarily among these were fear, anxiety, and trusting in the hope which comes from the resurrection of jesus Christ.  As you spend time with these daily devotions, I pray that God helps you to feel less fearful and anxious in your life and that you would become more hopeful about the present and future because of who Jesus was, is, and will be.

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