2nd Timothy 2:8-15

Thoughts for reflection:  What is the line between being confident in our faith, proudly and lovingly following Jesus Christ in all we do, and being confrontational in our beliefs where we are demanding others believe and act as we do; where we see ourselves as right, and they are wrong?  The more I study, and the better I understand the Bible, the more clearly I see how much more I have to learn.  This is one of the great struggles of our faith to proclaim and advocate for something which we ourselves don’t yet fully understand.  In my experience, the only way to address this struggle is with loving humility, which is easier said than done.

As was also discussed in yesterday’s reading, what specifically and practically would it look like for you to advocate for others to come to know Jesus Christ in their lives with loving humility?  How might you embrace this more fully in your life?

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